Tickets are free and there are no online booking fees. We ask you to register in advance to allow us to manage the numbers attending each screening.

For each screening, tickets can be reserved via our online booking page or can be collected from the Mill Cafe or from Balerno Post Office. Details of upcoming screenings are available from our Screening Calendar page.

If tickets are sold out (returns only)

If you are unable to get a tickets, please check back on the screening calendar page every couple of days as often cancellations are made especially a couple of days before the screening dates.

If you are unable to get a ticket for an event you can always come along on the day of the screening and if there is space you can watch the film. If there is no seats we may not be able to accommodate as each venue has a set capacity.

Ticket cancellations

If you need to cancel a ticket our preference is that you do this via:

If your ticket is from the Post Office or Mill Cafe please return it to where you collected it or pass it to a friend/family who wants to attend.

On film day

When you come to our screenings, doors normally open 30 minutes before screening but please check the screening details as this may vary. Please come with either:

  • Your ticket from the Mill or Post Office
  • Your online ticket either printed out or on your mobile device preferably showing the booking QR code.  qrcode

If you arrive without your ticket or your are unsure about QR codes please don’t worry as we will verify you against our attendee booking list. 

Ticket policy

Our aim is to provide a service to the community of Balerno. Tickets are available from the The Mill @ St Joseph’s, the Post Office on Balerno Main Street and on our website. Tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis.

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