Animation Workshops 2017

IMG_20150912_141732After a year off in 2016, our animation workshops are back in August and September this year.  Tickets will be available on 15 May 2017 at a subsidised cost of £6 per ticket.

Please note that all tickets for the animation workshops are sold out.

Booking for the sessions are being managed via the Eventbrite booking service with payment made online. Given numbers and demand for tickets, we would appreciate if children can be restricted to attending only one of the sessions. The options are as follows:

Cartoon Mania

Saturday 26th August: 10.30am to 12.40 (130 mins) – cost £6.

Make a gravity defying, explosion filled 2D cartoon with your own characters. In this workshop, Animation Jam will help you get ideas like the classic Looney Tunes cartoons Buggs Bunny, Road Runner and all the rest. Make card puppets and animate them to life in deserts, cliffs and crazy wobbly bridges. This workshop is suitable for ages 7-12 years. Eventbrite - Animation Workshop Cartoon Mania 2D

Plasticine Creature animation

Saturday 26th August: 1.50pm to 4pm (130 mins) – cost £6.

Animation Jam presents a fun packed introduction to the world of 3D animation. Make your own plasticine characters and bring them to life in your own animated film. Team up with other creatures to see what crazy stories come up, and watch your films online. Weird animals, comical super heroes, talking fruit; the only limit is your imagination! This workshop is suitable for ages 7-12 years. Eventbrite - Animation Workshop Plasticine Creature animation 3D

3D Animation in 2D 

Saturday 2nd September: 10.30am to 12.40 (130 mins)

Animate in plasticine but with a twist. As plasticine creatures sometimes fall over (lots!) we’ll turn the camera around and film them from above. Join others and make flat plasticine critters that can easily defy gravity and find great ways to do special effects with plasticine. This workshop is suitable for ages 7-12 years. Eventbrite - Animation Workshop 3D Animation in 2D

Toys  Alive Animation

Saturday 2nd September:1.50pm to 4pm (130 mins)

Whether it’s a toy robot firing lasers, cars racing with Lego or a furry cat drinking some milk, we’ll help you bring your own toys to life with animation. Animation Jam will give you extra bits and show you how to make quick special effects in small teams of animators. Bring along a small-ish toy (like 5-15cm) you want to animate or choose from random ones we’ll provide.  This workshop is suitable for ages 7-12 years.  Eventbrite - Animation Workshop Toys Alive Animation

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