Animation Workshops 2017

IMG_20150912_141732When we look back in years to come no doubt 2017 will be remembered for a brilliant year for BVS animations.  Big thanks to Jim at Animation Jam for running these workshops and well done to the brilliant young animators.

The final videos are now available as follows:

Cartoon Mania

Saturday 26th August: 10.30am to 12.40

Make a gravity defying, explosion filled 2D cartoon with your own characters.

Plasticine Creature animation

Saturday 26th August: 1.50pm to 4pm

Animation Jam presents a fun packed introduction to the world of 3D animation.

3D Animation in 2D 

Saturday 2nd September: 10.30am to 12.40 (130 mins)

Animate in plasticine but with a twist.

Toys  Alive Animation

Saturday 2nd September:1.50pm to 4pm (130 mins)

Whether it’s a toy robot firing lasers, cars racing with Lego or a furry cat drinking some milk, we’ll help you bring your own toys to life with animation.


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